Nick Litterski, Registered Piano Technician

As both a piano technician and performer, Nick has passion that fuels his quest to make each piano sound its very best. Aided by modern technology and with five years of apprenticing as an aural tuner, Nick delivers accurate and artistic tunings. As a classical and jazz pianist, he understands the demands of playing the instrument, and uses up to date practices and tools to give new life to your piano.

Nick earned a BA in music from North Central college, coming to central Texas in 2001 to study graduate level piano and jazz at UT Austin. Learning to tune his own pianos led to a deepening interest in piano technology, and to establish Austin Piano Tex in 2007 to better serve a growing clientele. Nick continually updates and refines his knowledge and skills at regional conferences and chapter meetings of the Piano Technician's Guild. He earned the certification of RPT, or Registered Piano Technician, in July 2013. This is the only certification available in the field, and is earned through a series of rigorous, controlled tests. Nick is pleased and honored to be working with these amazing instruments.

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