Piano Technician Guild's Convention - Chicago July 2013

First, I’m excited to announce I will be attending the annual PTG Convention and Technical Institute in Chicago July 10-14. Offering, five days of classes on a broad spectrum of topics pertaining to piano technology, this is the largest conference of its kind, featuring over 100 courses from the best instructors in the field. To find out more about the PTG or the convention visit

Registered Piano Technician Certification

While at the conference I will be taking the PTG's tuning exam. I previously passed the written and technical exams and this is final test I must pass before graduating to Registered Piano Technician! Having learned and as a practicing aural tuner, I am confident I have what it takes to pass. Still, I've been putting my tuning skills through their paces in recent weeks, practicing each day on the job as if I am taking the exam! This could only work to your advantage as my client, and this is part of what I like so much about the Piano Technician’s Guild: it forces members to double down on their commitment to excellence, to the benefit of the trade, and to the piano playing public.

Working Vacation – Wisconsin July 2013

Attention WI clients: I’m happy to announce a working vacation in July! That’s right, I’ll be packing up my tools, a few musical instruments and driving north with my dog Django on the first of July to celebrate G&G Brunner’s 60th wedding anniversary.  After Chicago I will be returning to southern WI and scheduling tunings for the week of July 16-20.  I will then be headed north for a week of relaxation in the north woods of WI.  I will be returning to southern WI for another round of piano tunings from July 30th-August 2nd.  Call 512-573-8920 or email to set up your appointment today!  

Piano for sale – Yamaha 45” upright - It plays like a dream and sounds great!

Austin Piano Tex is offering a fantastic piano for sale in Austin. It has been given a complete overhaul, including a full regulation, meticulous tuning, re-shaped and voiced hammers, and finish restoration. This is work most all pianos eventually need, and which sadly has not been done to 90 percent of used pianos on the market. You can hear this piano by listening to my recent recording of the jazz standard "ANightengale Sang In Berkely Square" at Please pass along this newsletter to any family and friends you have that may be interested, and view the full ad on our website, [preview of piano ad here]

Highlights and Gratitude

This past year has brought many high points, including tuning for bands Guster, Sufjan Stevens, and Grizzly Bear, as well as working on the Tie Dye piano at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.  Another highlight was completing the 100-hour Advanced Training at Dharma Yoga. I have no plans to teach yoga professionally, however it sure does help with the physically demanding job of tuning pianos and hauling music equipment around.

On the Horizon

I am often asked if I teach lessons.  I'm happy to say that coming this fall I will be accepting a limited number of students for piano lessons.  Look for more info on this as well as a new website designed to support my work as a professional musician, coming soon at  It will be a central source for info about my appearances, recordings, groups I play with, and more.  

Vacation Vacation - Alaska August 2013

I am lucky be traveling to Alaska this summer from Aug 10th-Sept 3rd.  Friends there have been inviting me to visit for years, and I will finally have the chance to do so!  I'm definitely looking forward to escaping some of the Austin heat this summer.  Three weeks of backpacking and visiting friends will no doubt invigorate and inspire.  Fear not, I will be back in Austin the first week of September, full of inspiration from the PTG convention and ready to get back to work doing the job I love!  

Finally, I'd like to offer a big heartfelt thanks to y'all for inviting me into your homes, recording studios, and schools to work on your pianos.  I am honored to be doing this work, and hope to continue to humbly offer service.

With gratitude,


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