2012 RATES

Standard Fine Tuning                                               


Pitch Raise                                                                 (Needed when piano is 20 cents below pitch/hasn't been tuned in 2+years)


String Replacement (single treble)


String Replacement (Single bass)
Bass String Cleaning (36 bass strings to enliven tone)

Keytop Replacement (Set of 52 "ivories")                                        $300

Upright Regulation*                                                             $250 - $1050

Grand Regulation*                                                              $400 - $1800

All Prices listed before TX State Sales Tax (8.25%)

Other services we provide:

Case cleaning and repair
Key re-bushing
Voicing (to even out tone from note to note)
Caster repair/replacement
Concert tunings
and more...

*Regulation is a process where all of the piano's internal mechanisms are returned to perfect working order, keys leveled, strings leveled, hammers hitting strings evenly, so the piano will produce the best tone it is capable of, and have the best feel possible.  The difference noted once the process is complete can be substantial, bringing an old piano back to life, and can do wonders even with many new pianos.  Every piano has different needs.  We understand different pianos have different demands placed on them, and will help you get the most from your investment. 



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