All pianos go out of tune. Expansion and contraction of the soundboard caused by changes in climate and humidity is the biggest culprit. Other reasons could be moving, excessive banging on the keys (those are *hammers* hitting the strings, after all!) or placement too close to a heating vent. Our technicians are trained in the old art of aural tuning, and also use electronic tuning devices as a state-of-the-art tool kit. We pride ourselves on the musicality and durability of the tunings we perform.


Common problems include sticky keys, broken hammers, strings, sqeaky pedals, broken case parts, ringing strings or cracks in bridge caps. Extensive field and shop experience means our techs are capable of diagnosing and performing all manner of repairs. Many common minor repairs are included free of charge with a tuning.


Over the life of a piano, certain parts wear out, the strings cut grooves in the hammers, felt compacts, keys get wobbly, screws loosen, hammers no longer hit the strings squarely, and the result is loss of tone and control. Regulation restores these parts (replacing them if necessary) so the piano functions on a high level, producing the best possible sound and feel. Regulation gives the performer greater control over the touch, and therefore the sound of the piano.  See for more information.


Voicing is the adjustment of a piano's tone or quality of sound. Voicing can change its tonal personality from mellow to bright or robust to delicate. The degree of change possible depends upon the piano's design and condition. Voicing also evens out the tone of individual notes or a section of notes, blending any that stick out, or bringing up any that are drowned out. One overlooked aspect of voicing: the tone of a piano is affected by the tuning, regulation, as well as the wear on the hammers. So all of the above will affect the "voice" of the piano, however voicing in the narrowest sense involves careful preparation of the hammers, to even out the tone and give the performer the broadest tonal palate possible.


Piano's get scratched, dinged, and case parts can break. Returning a pianos' finish to a fine luster can be exciting, and can increase the value of your instrument. Dusty soundboards, keys, and internal components all benefit from deliberate, technical cleaning. Austin Piano Tex excels in piano cleaning services, inside and out.



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